Scanner Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting Windows 10 Troubleshooting

Over the past week, some of our readers have informed us that they are encountering the Scanner troubleshooter in Windows 10.


Windows 10 and Windows 11h are great operating systems with lots of features, but also the most stable. It faces many compatibility issues and which bugs can be very difficult for users to fix. A broken scanner is not one of the main problems that many users face when upgrading Windows to 10.

If customers are experiencing this problem and are looking for a solution to their annoying errors, my husband and I have put together solutions to help fix the error that the scanner does not work in Windows 10.


Only The Second Way – Configuring Scanner Services

How do you troubleshoot a scanner problem?

Make sure the cables and wires are properly connected Rear of the scannermake sure security is enabled.Troubleshooting Parallel Port Analyzerspc-windows-user, hardly of course, are there anyeither TSRs are running in the database.Check the LPT port mode.Update your drivers.

Scanners or printers are complex hardware components that require many hardware services on your computer to function properly. If this company is not configured correctly, it will be removed or the code reader will not work on your model, soIt is important that all scanner services are properly optimized.

This is a regular scanner service for everyone. you If read that they are all performed using the following method.

  • Remote RPC procedure
  • Launcher for server end dcom processes
  • RPC point mapper
  • Shell hardware detection
  • Getting a Windows image (via)
  • I will show you the process for RPC RPC service, you can follow the same process for all these most commonly related services.-

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    Step Open 1 window in startup, which windows and R keys are disturbed at the same time.

    Step 2. Type services.msc in the text box and press Enter.Size=”(max-width: 397px”

    Repeat this work for the above services from the point of view of configuring all the services correctly in order to get the scanner.

    Method – 2 IrfanView

    1. Use it. Download IrfanView here (free, in addition to the popular open source image manipulation tool).

    2 – Install it on your computer now

    3 view Open Irfan. – Click

    4 Click then “File”, select Scan/Twain source

    Note: – You can also download Vuescan, although it’s not completely free

    Method 3 – Repair Corrupted System Files

    If the problem is Because the scanner is caused by system information corruption, fixing these files will most likely work again in Windows 10. Below are the steps to repair corrupted system files.

    Step one. Press the Windows key and type command in the search box, first click on the result, and then click “Run as administrator” (make sure you’re logged in with your computer’s administrator account).

    Step 2. Yes, click “Hint”.2

    Step. In the open command prompt window, type sfc /scannow and press Enter. A system scan will almost certainly begin and take some time to complete. Loading=”lazy” Max size=”( width:

    scanner troubleshooting windows 10

    A corrupted system will keep your data on your computer and the above will be fixed by the process and most likely your valuable recovery scanner will work. If you are sure, you can try the following method.

    Interaction With Readers


    < 10 and Windows 11 probably work well with rich systems, but they are usually not the most stable. There are many real compatibility issues, while bugs that can create problems for users can be fixed. A scanner that is definitely not working is one of the problems that many users face when upgrading to Windows 10.y

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    scanner troubleshooting windows 10

    If you’re having this issue and looking for a solution to frustrating errors, we’ve currently put together some solutions that will ultimately be helpful in fixing the scanner not working error on Windows 10.

    Method 2 – Configuring Scanner Services

    Scanners and printers are complex tools, and many companies need them to run smoothly on your computer. If this service is configured incorrectly, the scanner will probably not work on your system, so it is usually necessary to check that all Shield services are configured correctly.

    It’s aboutThese services are for scanners because you need to check if all these types of service status are running using the “If you follow” method. From

  • rpc remote procedure
  • Launching DCOM server processes
  • RPC Endpoint Mapper
  • Shell hardware detection
  • Getting a Windows image show (wia)
  • I’ll give you a technique for calling an RPC remote procedure service. You can very well use the same process for all of these services.

    Step – 1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows keys R and at the same time.

    Step 2. Type services.msc in the body text and press enter.

    Step 3. A window will open with a long list of services. Find the RPC remote in the render procedure, Selector and select Properties from the context menu.

    Step 4: Status Check the service, if it is stopped, start the active service and click OK.

    Repeat the above process correctly to set up all services for the scanner.

    Using The Method – IrfanView

    1 2 Loading. Download IrfanView here (also a popular free tool for working with images fromopen source).

    4 – Click “File” and if so, click “Select Scan/Twain Source”.

    Note: – You can also download using Use, although viewscan does not fully reflect its price

    Method 3 – Repair Corrupted System Files

    If your scanner problem is mainly related to corrupted system files, fixing those files will likely work again in Windows 10. Follow these steps to fix your company’s corrupted system files.

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    Step 1. Press the Windows key, for example, and type “Command Start Time” in the search field, right-click the first result, and simply select “Run as administrator”. (Make sure your company is logged in with an administrator account).2 –

    step A command window will open, type sfc /scannow and press Enter. This will start a system scan and take some time.

    How do I get my scanner to work with Windows 10?

    Select Start > > Settings > Printer Devices > and use the scanner or the Next button. Open “Printers” – from the settings scanner and.Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for them to find the nearest scanners, then just select the one you need and click “Add”, select the device.

    Why is my printer working but not my scanner?

    Check the cable not usb, let alone check the printer. USB cable between printer decoder and Windows and make sure it is connected. Make sure the printer can operate normally with the settings and that all lights are on. Please check if you can print the document so we can continue with the scan feature on the printer.

    How do I get Windows to recognize my scanner?

    Check scanner settings.Run the troubleshooter with disabled devices and hardware.You will activate Windows Fax Scan and activate it again.Reconfigure the scanner.update the latest scanner drivers.

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